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Nicola Lelean

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Hi ya, hope you all like the website

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Hi my name is Nicola Lelean, im 16 and live in the South East, near Romford. About four years ago i started at Pauls Theatre school, where i learn drama, dance and singing. With the school i have done several small shows, and one yearly show at Thames Side Theatre Grays where we do a three hour show of well known musicals. I have also performed at Theatre Royal Dury Lane, where i did two dance numbers, "Mack And Mable" and "I Hope I Get It", we also performed at Her Majesty's Theatre, where we did two numbers "Bye Bye Black Bird" and songs from "Annie".
    My favorite out of all the subjects i do at my theatre school is singing, the first ever singing performance i did was a talent show at my school, I was very nervous but I came 3rd. From then on I joined the school choir, and did solo performances. I represented the school singing for Havering, I have recently been singing on Pop Idol Talent Box through the internet, i came 1st in the March competition, and will be auditioning with three other people, to win a prize.
Iv'e been teaching myself to play the piano for years and im now teaching myself to play the guitar. Thanks for taking the time to come on my site, hope you liked it. Please come and join my forum.
Luv ya nicola x x x x x


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